Rotating Puzzle Board Game

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Family Board Game 

1,The youngest player begin to throw dice,rotate corresponding game board on the turntable according to what is shown on dice.

2,Players should finish match according to game rule, if anyone firstly form the animal to whole model, the game stops.  Player should show card to other players, confirm that the pattern on card is the same as the pattern of game board, so the palyer win in this round of game, and he could get one food medal card from the top of turnable.

3, Game restart, mix turnable again, every player get one animal card again, the winner of last round has priority to start game. The first one who get three food medal card is the winner.

Notice: Player cannot rotate the layer which last player rotate. Once he repeat, he need to throw dice again.

  • if the black circle you throw is at the most central, then move the top game board of turntable.
  • if the black circle you throw is in the middle, then move the middle game board of turntable
  • if the black cicle you throw is in the most outer circle, then move the bottom game board of turntable.