22'' 57cm Maple Cruisers

Cruiser Board

What is a Cruiser Board And How to Get Cruising

A cruiser board is a hybrid between a traditional skateboard and a longboard. Cruisers are an excellent option for beginners, and they are easy to carry around in your backpack. It is an ideal board for the casual skater that would rather skate everywhere than walk. Cruisers are cool and compact, and AULOVES has a lot of them. Choose a colourful cruiser deck from our online store and get cruising.

Is a Cruiser Skateboard Right For You?

Whether you are a complete newbie or a sophisticated skater, you can’t go wrong with a cruiser. Different types of boards all have their pros and cons, and you should be well-informed before you buy anything because some are not cheap. Cruiser skateboards offer both comfort and convenience and the most value for your money. Here are some things to consider before you buy a cruiser.

  • The Size. For new skaters: a cruiser or skateboard deck refers to the flat, wooden part you stand on while you skate. A cruiser deck is shorter than a longboard deck and sometimes even more compact than a classic skateboard deck. They are small and lightweight, making them really easy to carry around.
  • How you want to ride. They’re called cruisers for a reason. Cruiser boards are designed for casual cruising around cities and urban areas with flat surfaces. They have bigger, softer wheels than a skateboard for a more comfortable ride. Their compact size makes them ideal for busy streets and turning tight corners.
  • The design. These boards come in various shapes with endless design and colour combinations. A cruiser board deck is flat like a longboard deck, and sometimes it has a kicktail at the back. It’s good to remember that the smaller the board is, the trickier it will be to find your balance on it.
  • Your skill level. Cruisers are versatile, and they’re suitable for all skill levels. It won’t be as easy to balance as on a longboard, but still a good board for beginners. If you’re looking for a board for learning new tricks, grinding rails, and mastering flips - a cruiser is not the board for you. They can achieve a few light, manual tricks, but they are more suited for coasting along the promenade than crushing the skatepark.

      Tips for Cruising on a Skateboard

      With so many benefits and so much versatility, why wouldn’t you want a cruiser? Skate through busy footpaths with ease, dodge crowds smoothly and skate everywhere you need to go. The first step is learning to cruise comfortably. Here are some cruising basics for beginners.

      • Find your stance. When you get on your new board for the first time, find a comfortable stance. Place one of your feet on the front end of the deck and push yourself with the other. Pushing with your right foot is a regular stance, while pushing with your left foot is a goofy stance.
      • Learn how to brake. The first skill to learn after getting your board moving is how to stop your skateboard. Beginners can start by trying a simple foot brake - turn your front foot forwards towards the front of your deck and place your back foot on the ground next to you to stop moving. The friction from the sole of your shoe should slow you down and bring you to a gentle stop.
      • Master tight turns. The third essential skill for cruising is a graceful turn. Turn smoothly by using your body weight to tilt the skateboard. Try leaning slightly to the left and then to the right while shifting your weight between your toes and your heels to experiment with different turning techniques. Once you’re comfortable turning your skateboard, you can practice tighter and more varied turns.

          Why You Should Buy a Cruiser Board from AULOVES

          AULOVES has a wide variety of high-quality cruisers, longboards and skateboards available online. We offer an exclusive range of colours and designs to fit your unique skating style and personality. Our skateboards are available nationwide, and we ship anywhere in Australia. Contact us for anything skating related, and we’ll give you our professional advice.