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A Balance Board is Fun for Kids

Active playing is an essential part of child development, as it forms the foundations of physical and mental abilities at the correct times in the life stages. Unlike adults who willingly torture themselves into fitness, children only partake in fun activities and preferably as a laughing group. A balance board is generally seen by children as an enjoyable toy, even though it poses a challenge and trains their bodies and minds.

Fun Facts About Exercise Balance Boards

Various types and designs of balancing boards are available on the market, ranging from slightly “unstable” for ankle and calf strengthening to severely rolling designs for skateboarders and surfers. We offer the curved board variation, which we believe is the best balance board for young children.

  • Our balance boards for kids are made from imported beech wood and are not treated with chemical varnish or paints. These boards ensure an entirely natural product, and children can feel and smell the real wood of the board as they play and learn. It also allows for easy decoration with themes and designs adored by each child.
  • Two sizes of boards are available, a large and a small. Although children might outgrow the small board, the larger size is suitable for all ages. The boards are also available with an optional felt underside padding in a range of colours that appeals to children, such as pink, purple and rainbow coloured.
  • The sled shape of the wobble board is perfect for kids, even though it only offers unidirectional movement. It is generally safer for young children, as the board makes predictable movements and won’t suddenly tip forward or backwards. The length of the board also allows children to balance on their hands and feet in various fun postures.

        The Importance of Balance Exercises for Kids

        Balance is an important ability that influences many different aspects of our physical well-being. Any impairment of the multitude of components contributing to its correct functioning affects the whole body and mind.

        • Balance is a developmental milestone that most children master between the ages of 18 months and two years. It forms part of the gross motor skills they must learn for dynamic balance activities such as walking and climbing. It involves using the major muscles of the body for daily activities and playing with friends.
        • Coordination, which can make various body parts perform specific functions autonomously or consciously in a set sequence to achieve a predetermined result based on external stimuli, is closely linked to balance—for example, holding the arms outstretched and adjusting the weight of the upper body to maintain balance without falling off the wobble board.
        • Research has shown that balance is greatly affected by ankle proprioception, which is the mental perception of one’s body position and movements in a three-dimensional space. Balance exercises with a wobble board will train the muscles, ligaments and tendons to work in unison to create stability at the ankle and build physical confidence in children.
        • A child must first master gross motor skills progressing to learning fine motor skills, such as writing, playing a musical instrument or computer gaming. Unfortunately, the reality of our modern living conditions is that children do not have access to unlimited active and adventurous play opportunities in trees and on fences anymore.

        A wobble balance board is a perfect substitute for a playground to develop sound balance in kids. Its shape and size also extend to stimulating children’s imaginations, as the board can serve as a Viking longboat or a troll’s bridge… or as a lazy rocking chair while a parent reads about princesses and pirate treasure.

              Once children have mastered balancing on their wobble board, they are ready to progress to the next challenge.

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