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Adult puzzles are equally as fun and educational as those for children. Micro blocks, is more intricate and requires a steady hand and immense concentration. If you want to be your local version of the Shah Jahan and build the Taj Mahal, you can. Working on these building replicas can stimulate your brain and body. Challenge yourself by acquiring and attempting to create one of several structures available at AULOVES. 

Benefits of Building Bricks

Wooden building blocks are an ideal place to start since it enhances specific aspects of a child’s brain. However, the benefits of playing with DIY building blocks continue when you grow up, as our sets of micro block structures can assist adults in many parts of their lives.

  • Play blocks for older children and adults prompt creative imagination to build impressive structures. Teenagers learn social skills through this type of play, even if they’re home alone with a parent. Asking for help encourages social interaction and supports the notion of accepting assistance. Furthermore, it enhances their ability to be good listeners and interpret instructions.
  • At its core, building blocks are puzzles that require you to create a building or similar structure with varying difficulties. Understanding which blocks fit and won’t, can be wonderful to take the mind off daily stresses and concerns. Selecting where to place each block and what role it plays in the whole structure assists your mind in improving awareness even though it may seem trivial to others. When you discover the exact places to place certain parts, you will have a sense of joy and accomplishment, delivering an experience of achieving your goals.
  • On that note, playing with DIY blocks can generate a wide range of emotions. Problem-solving isn’t a simple skill to attain, especially when you’re a teenager, but they will learn various emotional skills while attempting these famous buildings and structures. If they’ve hit a stumbling block, they will experience frustration, while persisting with their project teaches them the value of perseverance. When they complete what they’re doing successfully, they will look back in satisfaction. These elements contribute to emotional development, which is a skill that every adult uses frequently.
  • Our 3D building blocks are suitable for all ages from seven years to over sixty. Although most seven-year-olds may begin spending more time alone, creating incredible structures with an older sibling, parent or other family member supports family bonding. They enhance focus and concentration since they’re constantly engaging their hands while making adjustments or following instructions.
  • There is nothing like the human imagination. Contrary to popular belief, it has no limitations, and constructing true replicas of famous structures and buildings with building blocks promotes calm and a sense of achievement.

        What to Expect from AULOVES Regarding Building Blocks

        We stock a wide range of products that allow you to have fun both indoors and outdoors. We cater to children and adults, so there’s something for everyone in our e-store.

        • In terms of building bricks, you’ll find two options - wooden building blocks, toys, and micro building blocks. The wooden blocks are suitable for toddlers and younger kids, but teenagers and adults will find the micro brick sets incredibly fun as a shared experience. We stock sets for the Titanic, Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, Taj Mahal, London Bridge, and ⦁ Hogwarts, to mention a few.
        • Our online shopping experience is smooth as we’ve separated our products into various categories. Simply add the items you want to your cart and checkout using one of several popular online payment methods.
        • We’ll dispatch your order within one day of your purchase and have a courier ship it off to your location anywhere around Australia.

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