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Explore the realm of chess intelligence with our 39393.5cm Extraordinary Luxury Wooden Chess Set. This set completely reimagines the traditional art of chess, with each chess piece being a unique masterpiece, including electroplated gold alloy pieces and electroplated silver alloy pieces. Every move is a distinct expression of your intellect.

Product Highlights:

Distinctive Chess Pieces: King at 76mm, Queen at 66mm, Rook at 53mm, Bishop at 60mm, Knight at 55mm, and Pawn at 44mm. Crafted in different design styles, each piece adds a touch of individuality to your gameplay. Ultra-Luxurious Wooden Chessboard: Crafted from the finest wood, this 39393.5cm board not only provides ample playing space but also serves as a precious home decor piece. Extra Queens: Each player is provided with an extra queen, adding depth and excitement to your strategic battles. Unique Gift Choice: This Extraordinary Luxury Chess Set is the perfect gift for chess enthusiasts or loved ones, reflecting your respect and love for the art of chess. Own this Extraordinary Luxury wooden chessboard, along with uniquely designed electroplated gold and silver alloy chess pieces, and let each game be a showcase of your distinctive strategic wisdom, immersing yourself in the charm and joy of chess!

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