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Immerse yourself in the world of refined strategy with our 52523.9cm Opulent Wooden Chess Set. This exceptional ensemble showcases meticulously crafted zinc alloy chess pieces, with one set in gold and the other in silver. Every detail exudes exceptional craftsmanship and texture. The towering chess monarch - the King, stands impressively at 110mm, symbolizing your dominion and wisdom on the chessboard.

Notable Features:

Zinc Alloy Chess Pieces: The Chess Queen stands tall at 95mm, Rook at 75mm, Bishop at 85mm, Knight at 77mm, and Pawn at 60mm (each piece presented in its respective color). Crafted from high-quality zinc alloy, each piece adds an air of nobility to every move. Exquisite Wooden Chessboard: This 52523.9cm chessboard, with each square measuring 42mm, is meticulously crafted from top-tier wood, providing not only a visually pleasing experience but also ample space for your strategic gameplay. Elegant Home Decoration: Beyond being a battleground of intellect, this ensemble serves as a refined piece of home decor, adding an aura of elegance and intellect to your living space. Ideal Gift Choice: This sophisticated chess set makes an ideal gift for chess enthusiasts or loved ones, showcasing your reverence and passion for the art of chess. Own this opulent wooden chessboard, paired with gold and silver zinc alloy chess pieces now, and let each game be a testament to your strategic brilliance, reveling in the endless allure and enjoyment of chess!

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