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Explore the world of strategic brilliance with our exquisite 36cm Wooden Chess Set. This awe-inspiring set comes with finely crafted metal chess pieces, including the majestic 2.5cm King, showcasing the classic and noble essence of chess. The convenient storage feature ensures your cherished chessmen remain organized at all times. Gift this elegant set to your loved ones, letting them immerse in the timeless allure of this classic board game and exhibit their strategic prowess.


  1. Exquisite Metal Chess Pieces: King at 6.3cm, Queen at 5.2cm, Bishop at 4.8cm, Knight at 4.5cm, Rook at 4.1cm, and Pawn at 3.4cm, each piece meticulously crafted from high-quality metal, adding a touch of nobility to every move.
  2. Solid Wood Detachable Board: The 36 x 36 x 4.8 cm solid wood board is visually appealing and easily detachable for convenient storage and transport.
  3. Perfect Storage Design: With dedicated slots for each chess piece, the board ensures neat organization, preventing loss, and keeping your set ready for the next duel.
  4. Ideal Home Decor: Beyond a battlefield of intellect, this chess set serves as an artistic piece for home decor, enriching your living space with elegance and a touch of intellectual ambiance.
  5. Perfect Gift Choice: This elegant chess set is a perfect gift for friends and family, portraying your respect and love for the art of chess.

Own this Metal Chess Set with Detachable Wooden Board now, let every game be a display of strategic wisdom, and experience the endless charm of chess!

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