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Introducing our state-of-the-art SafeBox, built from low-carbon high-density alloy steel, offering robust safety you can trust. Dual-alarm systems stand guard, triggered by three consecutive incorrect passcode or fingerprint attempts, or forceful impacts.

Unlock convenience with either passcode or fingerprint recognition, and for those rare forgetful moments, a uniquely designed, wear-resistant snake emergency key has your back.

With exterior dimensions of 45cm in height, 38cm in width, and 32cm in depth, and weighing in at 18kg, this safe provides ample storage. Inside, a generous space of 275mm by 375mm by 245mm awaits your valuables. You'll find an adjustable shelf and a handy storage basket for organized, clutter-free security. We've also integrated key hooks to keep everything tidy.

A five-layer alloy casting body, featuring pearlitic steel, austenitic steel, carbon alloy gangue, silicon-manganese steel, and cold-rolled pearlitic steel, ensures maximum security.

Our SafeBox boasts an anti-drilling, anti-smashing, anti-sawing, and anti-prying design, thanks to our innovative use of optic fiber laser micro-cutting technology and a flush door design for 360° pry-resistance.

Finished in eco-friendly paint through a 9-layer spray painting process, it offers vibrant color, scratch resistance, and longevity. Choose between our classic brown and sleek black to match your decor.

SafeBox - Exceptional performance, visible safety. Store with confidence

NO plug and NO USB

4 of AA batteries required

Note: This safe features pre-set holes on the back for easy wall mounting, providing additional security.

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