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【The Essence of Tradition, Crafted for the Connoisseur — The Premium Walnut Chess Set】

Chosen for its premium feel, the walnut wood used in this chess set speaks volumes of its collectible value. Each piece, carefully hand-carved, from the 7.6cm king to the 3.5cm pawn, displays a commitment to excellence in craftsmanship. The 38*38*7.6cm board, with 4.2cm squares, provides ample space for strategic placement.

The upgraded wooden drawer handle adds a touch of nature and simplicity, moving away from the original metallic style. The built-in drawer design not only makes for easy organisation and storage of the pieces but also maintains the neatness and elegance of the board. With an extra queen for each player, the set promises added diversity and intrigue to every game. The total weight of 2.9kg underscores the set's sturdiness and heft.

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