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Refined Pine Wood Magnetic Chess Set — The Choice of Elegance for the Discerning

Immerse yourself in the profound depths of strategy and wit with our 30 cm finely crafted magnetic chess set. Each 3 cm square on the board provides a vast stage for your tactical maneuvers.

Stand tall with the 6.3 cm king and fortify your strategies with 3 cm pawns; every piece stands as a testament to strategic sophistication and finesse. The chessboard, meticulously fashioned from pine wood, boasts not only an aesthetic appeal but also unparalleled functionality. The chess pieces are carved from durable, high-quality wood, ensuring a premium hand-feel and longevity.

Moreover, each player is endowed with an extra queen, introducing greater versatility and excitement to every game.

Opt for our Pine Wood Magnetic Chess Set to infuse a touch of nobility into your family game nights or professional practice sessions.

For the elite, this set is not just a choice, but a companion of elegance and intellect.

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