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【Timeless Craftsmanship, Distinctive Design — The Camphor & Senna Siamea Wood Chess Set】

Delve into the profound beauty of camphor and the solidity of senna siamea wood with this visually stunning chess set. The meticulously crafted 35.5cm tabletop board, with 3.5cm squares, made from these chosen woods, presents nature's artistry at your fingertips, each touch echoing the breath of the wild.

The chess pieces, forged from pure metal, are substantial in hand and ornate in appearance. Ranging from the 6.2cm king to the 3.3cm pawn, each piece is finely sculpted, mirror-polished, exuding an extraordinary texture and an elegant presence. The 7.3cm board height allows ample room for assertive moves, ensuring fluidity and precision in every game.

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