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Step into a world of wisdom, with our Exquisite Wooden Chess Set as your perfect companion on the go. Every hand-carved chess piece and meticulously designed square narrates a tale of endless intellect and fun. Whether camping, traveling, or at home, this 38cm folding chessboard design brings unparalleled enjoyment to you and your loved ones or friends.


  1. Portable Design, Worry-free Travel: With a 38cm folding chessboard, carry the game with you and let chess become your best companion on the journey.
  2. Neat Storage, Less to Lose: Unique storage slots ensure each chess piece has its own "home," no worries about loss or chaos.
  3. Magnetic Design, Stable and Scratch-resistant: Magnetic bases on chess pieces provide stable adhesion to the board, reducing scraping during gameplay and offering a quiet environment for your strategic thinking.
  4. Ideal Alternative to Electronic Gadgets: In an era inundated with electronic devices, provide children with a stimulating alternative, making learning chess an interesting and enjoyable endeavor.
  5. Wooden Hand-craftsmanship: The chessboard is made from carefully selected wood, and chess pieces are hand-carved by skilled artisans, a prized collection for any chess enthusiast.
  6. An Extra Queen, More Game Fun: An extra queen for each player adds more possibilities and fun to your game.
  7. Perfectly Sized Pieces and Squares: King at 7.8cm, Rook at 4.4cm, Bishop at 5.6cm, Queen at 7.0cm, Knight at 4.6cm, Pawn at 3.5cm, each square at 4.2cm width, providing ample space for every strategic thought.

Get your Exquisite Wooden Chess Set now, let the spark of intellect flicker amongst the black and white squares, enjoying every moment of wisdom on your journey!

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