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Large Size 103cm(Arc Length)*33cm(Width)*18cm(Arc Height).
Max Weight Capacity is 100KG.

Greative Balance Board

The layer wood is made of quality beech wood with a texture like bright stars. strong and sturdy. 

Regardless of the curvature or the surface treatment, they are amazing.

This large curved plate chooses imported beech wood skin with beautiful star texture and maintains the natural log color, so that children can touch the real wood texture. 

It is completely different from the wood texture of the large curved board painted by craft. Children can touch the real stripes of the wood itself, and the natural surface is not so smooth. 

The natural aroma of wood can be smelled, because there is no paint to seal the surface layer, wood can breathe freely, it has vitality, and it can better connect and integrate with children. 

Although the painted wood surface is smooth, the feel is completely distorted, giving people the cold feeling of plastic. If parents cannot accept the natural stripes of wood, please be careful! 

As the child's imagination develops, it becomes an arch bridge, seesaws, balance boards, slides, step stools, boats, resting places, doll beds, puppet stages, tunnels, etc. for them to explore. All possibilities are endless-and it all depends on them!

As a balance board, he can exercise the child's balance ability; as a shake board, he can accompany the child to read a book and have a leisure break; as a small slide, he can let the child boldly try adventure; as a small tunnel, he can let the child The beloved car goes through all levels, and it can also be used as a fence for a farm or a castle.

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