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Item Descriptions:

- Dimention: 13.5 x 9.5 x 4.5cm 
- Net Weight:135g
- Presettable count up/ countdown timer, maximum 10 hours
- Easy to set up all kinds of chess timer functions, including positive timing, countdown timing, different times for players, Pause, Delay & Bonus time, etc.
- Power supply: AAA battery x 1 (one battery is included)

Package includes:
1x PQ9907 Digital Chess Clock
1x User Manual
1x Box

Operating Instructions:

1. On/Off
Turn the clock on by inserting the battery and switching the <On/Off> button to "On"; Turn it off by switching the button to "Off";
2. Countdown timing (same time for both players)
In the positive timing screen, press <start/pause/setting> for 2 seconds to enter the countdown setting mode.  The "hour" digit on the left starts to flash now.  Press <+> or <-> to move up or down in steps of 1 until reaching the time required. Press <start/pause/setting> briefly to swich to the minutes, and then seconds.  After moving through the right side you get to increment (first bonus, then delay) and finally the beeper.  Another 2-second pressing of <start/pause/setting> ends the setting mode.  
3. Pause
While running, briefly press <start/pause/setting> to pause, press it again to continue.
4. Restart
Turning the clock off and on again with the <On/Off> button will set the clock back to the last time set.  In order to get back to the factory setting, just take out the battery please.
5.Delay and Bonus
When the countdown time on right side was set, press <start/pause/setting> shortly to switch it into "bonus( Max. 59 sec)" setting.  Press <start/pause/setting> to switch it into "delay(Max. 59 sec)".

Note Please:
- Low battery
When the display screen is dim or it doesn't work when you press <Left/Right> button, the battery needs to be changed.
- Keep away from sun or high temperature to avoid the display turning black.  Keep away from corrosive liquids and sharp or hard object impacts.  Keep away from high static objects.  Please remove the battery when not using the clock for a long perid of time.

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