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Elegance in Play — The Harmony of Rosewood and Maple

Step into a world where the warmth of rosewood meets the clarity of maple grain in a harmonious 40cm foldable chessboard that blends function with finesse. Each 4cm square pays homage to traditional craftsmanship, elevating every match to a ceremonial experience.

Crafted from New Zealand pine, the chess pieces are lightweight yet sturdy with a superior hand-feel. Thoughtfully sized — the king stands at 7.5cm, the queen at 7.2cm, bishops at 5.7cm, knights at 5.0cm, rooks at 4.9cm, and pawns at 3.4cm — each piece is both a warrior in battle and a work of art in hand.

The foldable design for easy transport, complemented by an extra queen on each side, makes it the center of attention at family gatherings or on journeys. The magnetic board ensures smooth play, immune to any jostle.

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