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A Symbol of Taste and Intellect — Deluxe Sapele Magnetic Chess Set with Drawer Design

Dive into the world of chess with this 32*32*5.5cm deluxe Sapele wooden chess set, bringing a touch of elegance to your family entertainment. Featuring a convenient built-in drawer for storing meticulously carved pieces, every slide is an homage to traditional craftsmanship.

  • King stands tall at 6.3cm, commanding respect and dignity
  • Queen at a graceful 5.3cm, poised and dynamic
  • Bishop at a mysterious 4.6cm, an indispensable strategist
  • Knight at a brave 4.6cm, fierce and loyal
  • Rook at a sturdy 3.5cm, the immovable stronghold
  • Pawn at a daring 3.0cm, small yet fearless

This set is more than a game; it's an embrace of a lifestyle where intellect meets elegance. Let this chess set introduce you to a realm where every move is a statement of sophistication. Enjoy it.

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