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Immerse yourself in our Deluxe Walnut Large Chess Set, where the warmth of wood meets the intellect of chess. Each chess piece is meticulously designed, showcasing elegance and superior touch, while the 38 x 38 x 1.2 cm solid timber chessboard exemplifies a perfect blend of elegance and practicality.


  1. Premium Walnut Material: This deluxe set is crafted from high-quality walnut wood, its natural grains exuding a warm texture, adding a touch of elegance and prestige to your chess game.
  2. Large Solid Timber Chessboard: The large-sized chessboard of 38 x 38 x 1.2 cm provides ample space for every move, with the solid timber evoking a mesmerizing feel.
  3. Folding Design for Easy Storage: The unique folding design is not only convenient for carrying but also provides a safe storage space for your precious chess pieces.
  4. Exquisitely Hand-carved Chess Pieces with an Extra Queen: Each chess piece is delicately carved by skilled artisans, with a simplistic yet noble design, portraying a modern interpretation of traditional chess aesthetics. An extra queen for each player adds more possibilities to your game.
  5. Perfectly Sized Chess Pieces: With the King standing at 7.62cm, Rook at 4.3cm, Bishop at 5.5cm, Queen at 6.5cm, Knight at 5.3cm, and Pawn at 3.8cm, the size of each chess piece is crafted to ensure the best gaming experience.
  6. Perfect Gift Choice: Be it for chess enthusiasts or as a home decor piece, it's a prized gift that's hard to come by.

Own this Deluxe Walnut Large Chess Set now, making every game a luxurious artful indulgence in your life, experiencing the perfect fusion of intellect and elegance!

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