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Introducing our Premium Walnut and Maple Wooden Chessboard!

Elevate your chess experience with our meticulously crafted 40cm Magnetic Chessboard, designed for both novice and seasoned players. This classic board is masterfully made from high-quality materials, blending the richness of Walnut and the elegance of Maple wood, ensuring unrivaled durability and reliability. Immerse yourself in the smooth and visually pleasing surface that adds a touch of sophistication to every move you make.

Delight in Precision and Ease The beautifully designed 4.2cm squares allow for precise piece placement, enhancing your gameplay with every strategic move. The striking contrast of black and white squares enables quick identification of your pieces, making your chess journey all the more enjoyable. Plus, this chessboard's perfect size ensures convenient storage and transportation, effortlessly fitting into a backpack or luggage, granting you the freedom to indulge in your game wherever you go.

An Alluring Game, A Captivating Choice Whether you're an aspiring learner or a seasoned chess enthusiast, our 40cm wide chessboard is a stellar choice. If you seek a chessboard that combines quality, durability, and an exquisite aesthetic, look no further - this chessboard is an absolute must-have.

One Extra Queen for Every Player

King: 7.8cm Rook: 4.2cm Bishop: 5.7cm Queen: 7.1cm Knight: 4.6cm Pawn: 3.3cm

Experience the art of chess in its finest form with our Walnut and Maple Wooden Chessboard - a masterpiece that adds sophistication and brilliance to your chess endeavors.

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