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For our other sizes safes, please visit our store. We offer 25-45-60-70-80-100-120-150cm sizes safes.

Introducing our latest SafeBox, constructed from low-carbon high-density alloy steel, offering reliable and robust safety. This safe is equipped with a dual-alarm system that activates immediately after three consecutive incorrect password or fingerprint entries, or in the event of a forceful impact.

The safe supports unlocking via either a password or fingerprint recognition, providing convenience and ease of use. For those occasional moments of forgetfulness, we have specially designed a wear-resistant snake emergency key as a backup.

This SafeBox has exterior dimensions of 25cm in height, 35cm in width, and 25cm in depth, with a weight of approximately 8kg (±2kg), and a capacity of 15L. This provides a compact yet ample storage space for your valuables. The design ensures efficient use and organization of space.

To maximize security, the SafeBox utilizes a five-layer alloy casting technique, comprising pearlitic steel, austenitic steel, carbon alloy gangue, silicon-manganese steel, and cold-rolled pearlitic steel. This structure guarantees the strongest protection.

Our SafeBox features an anti-drilling, anti-smashing, anti-sawing, and anti-prying design, thanks to our innovative use of optic fiber laser micro-cutting technology and a flush door design, providing 360° pry-resistance.

Finished with eco-friendly paint through a 9-layer spray painting process, it not only has a vibrant color but also offers scratch resistance and durability. You can choose between our classic brown or sleek black models to match your interior decor.

SafeBox - Superior performance, visible safety. Store your valuables with confidence.

Note: The new model of the safe has pre-set holes on the back for easy wall mounting, further enhancing security. This smaller-sized safe is especially suitable for environments with limited space, while still maintaining high standards of security features and convenience.

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