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Experience a New Standard in Chess Elegance — Germanic Knight Style Chess Pieces with Black/White Chessboard

Merge intelligence with style in each game you play on this black and white chessboard crafted from fabric-based vegan leather. Comfortable to touch and eco-friendly, its slim 0.3cm thickness and a total weight of 1.5kg ensure a superior carry and play experience.

  • King: Regal at 9.8cm, commanding the game
  • Queen: Graceful at 8cm, with formidable power
  • Bishop: Thoughtful at 7.3cm, the master of strategy
  • Knight: Valiant at 7.1cm, the loyal warrior of the board
  • Rook: Solid at 5.5cm, the unshakable fortress
  • Pawn: Petite at 4.7cm, the brave soldiers of the square
  • An extra queen is provided for each player for versatility in the game

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this set will bring joy to every match. Own it now and revel in the cerebral clashes that await. Enjoy it.

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