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Masterful Craftsmanship, Timeless Elegance — Oak Colour Chessboard with Germanic Knight Style Chess Pieces

Welcome to a realm where skill and intellect are not the only contenders; the refined aesthetic of this 52cm oak-coloured magnetic chessboard also plays its part. With a slim profile of 0.3cm thickness and a handy weight of 1.5kg, this board combines elegance with practicality, ready for a game wherever you may be.

Made from fabric-based vegan leather, this chessboard offers superior texture and an environmentally conscious choice. The Germanic knight-style chess pieces are meticulously crafted, each one a testament to a deep respect for the game of chess:

  • King: Stands at a regal height of 9.8cm, surveying the board like a true ruler
  • Queen: At 8cm, commanding and elegant, the pivotal force of the game
  • Bishop: 7.3cm tall, its sharp gaze penetrating every corner of the board
  • Knight: 7.1cm in height, its unique movement cleverly weaving between opponents
  • Rook: Solid at 5.5cm, the foundation of both defense and attack
  • Pawn: At 4.7cm, small but mighty, the courageous soldiers of the game

Each player is also endowed with an extra queen to ensure the completeness and tactical versatility of the game. The included carry bag makes this chess set an ideal companion for travel, family fun, or social chess gatherings.

Invite this chess set into your home and share the joy of wisdom and strategy with friends and family, sparking off round after round of exciting play.

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